EXL: SaBaT loss means demotion. Hluboká will play in Extraliga next year.

Baseball in Czech Republic started early on Saturday, with an important game between SaBaT Praha and Olympia Blansko. The results of the game would determine who would play in Extraliga next season.

The game was originally scheduled in August, however, due to the inclement weather, the reminder of the game was only played this Saturday. SaBaT entered the game losing 2-6, with two runners on bases in the bottom of 5th inning. Unfortunately, first batter registered out, ending the inning. In the following inning, Jakub Němeček managed to spark a hope for the home team with a sacrificial hit, changing the score to 3-6.

Olympia didn’t hesitate and added two runs to the tally in the next inning, followed by loaded bases without a single out in the top of 9th inning. In the end, Olympia scored 4 runs in their half of the inning. Home team only managed to return one run, wrapping the game at 4-12. This score means we won’t be seeing SaBaT in Extraliga next year.

Instead, it’s Hluboká nad Vltavou who can look forward to playing Extraliga baseball next season. They take place along with Jablonec as two newly promoted teams, taking the spots of SaBaT Praha and Technika Brno. Unless one of the teams gives up their spot, baseball will be played in seven different cities for the first time in the history of the competition.

 123456789 RHE
Blansko2 01 03 02 04 12152
SaBaT2 0 0 0 01 0 01 4123

Final standings of Promotion Group

  W  L 
Olympia Blansko104
Třebíč Nuclears95
Blesk Jablonec86
Sokol Hluboká86
SaBaT Praha86
Technika Brno68
Klasik Frýdek-Místek68
Pelikans Bučovice113
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