U21 final postponed. Draci have positive Covid-19 tests

Third game of U21 Extraliga final series was supposed to be played on Friday evening. Unfortunately, Draci Brno announced a number of their players tested positive for Covid-19, making ČBA to postpone the series to the second week of October.

The announcement came on Facebook profile of Draci Brno: (translated) “After the weekend game in Ostrava, we registered an increased number of players with symptoms of COVID-19. During the week, several players tested positive [for the virus].

Naturally, the names of the affected players were not disclosed, but it is possible that due to the mandatory quarantine we will not be able to watch Draci Brno at Prague Baseball Week. As baseball fans, we hope that worsening pandemic situation will not effect this international tournament.

Draci Brno are not the only sport team in Brno that has problems with positive tests. Kometa Brno (hockey) is currently not playing their games due to 22 positive tests in A-team.

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