EXL U21: Draci one step closer to the title after 10-0 win

After a pause caused by Covid-19, the finale of U21 Extraliga continued between two Brno teams, Draci and Hroši. The teams entered the game with the series tied at 1-1.

Draci played at their home field and they didn’t let anything to a chance, when they scored 4 runs in the first inning against pitcher Tomáš Zachoval. On the other hand, Hroši couldn’t find a way to go through Ondřej Furko, who started his first game in the U21 Extraliga. Draci’s pitcher played this season as a starter in A-team, where he became one of the main players, leading the team to the title. Furko showed his quality in this game as well, when it was only Jakub Mánek with 2 hits, and Jan Pospíšil with a single hit, who managed to show any kind of offense against him. Furthermore, Furko striked out 7 away players.

In the end, Hroši used four pitchers in the game, but even that wasn’t enough to stop the Draci’s offensive power. Home team finalized their performance in the sixth inning, when the score showed 10-0, which meant the early ending to the game on the grounds of mercy rule. Martin Pernička recorded 3 RBIs, but it was Richard Schmied who managed to get three hits with three AB.

With the win, Draci are now ahead in the series, leading 2-1, and they are only one win from grabbing the title. The series will continue tomorrow at 10:00 CEST at Areálu U Hrocha. If necessary, the fifth game will be played at 15:00 CEST at MBS.

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