Mariners included Adam Macko in Player Development Fall League roster

With Arizona Fall League and MiLB season canceled, MLB clubs try to find a way to give their prospects chance to play, and support their development. As a result, there will be an adjusted version of fall and winter league in Arizona.

Slovak fans may be interested in 40 men roster of Seattle Mariners, where Adam Macko was included. The roster consists mainly of players who played in lower tier minor leagues. Only Wyatt Mills is the player who played as far as AA level. The roster also includes Matt Brash, who was selected in 4th round by San Diego Padres last year, and who joined Mariners in the trade for Taylor Williams.

Mariners will play friendly games against Padres, Rangers and Royals in Scottsdale. Kansas City also revealed their roster for fall camps, which includes 121 players. Unfortunately, Czech Viktor Večerka, who signed with the club last year, was not included.

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