PBW: Czech national team grabs the win after early troubles and will play in the finale

Second game of Thursday at Prague Baseball Week saw Czech nation team square against Russian national team.

Based on the Russian lineup, it was clear their team contained several players, who weren’t born in the country to the east. It is little doubt that these players added quality to the team. Czech players saw this first hand, when they found it difficult to power through Russian starter Adrian Telles Rodriguez. On the other hand Russian players managed to score 5 runs in 4 innings against Czech Tomáš Duffek.

It was only in the bottom of 4th inning, when Czechs managed to mount a push against Rodriguez, who was then substituted for Artem Logunov. This substitution did not have the desired effect, as from that moment on, Czech players managed to score at least a run per inning. Team coached by Mike Griffin managed to snatch the win 10-5, despite losing 1-5 in the 4th inning. Thanks to this win, we will be able to see Czech national team playing in the finale of PBW.

Czech played young infield, with Mikuláš Hanuš, Filip Smola, Marek Krejčiřík and Martin Červenka. Additionally, Krejčiřík also played an excellent game in offense, where he got 3 H from 5 AB.

 123456789 RHE
Russia2 0 03 0 0 0 0 0 571
Czech Republic 01 023121x 1092

The earlier game saw Prague Selection win 11-4 against International Stars. Prague Selection will play against Russia on Friday at 14:00 CEST to determine the second finale spot.

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