First League: Technika Brno to be led by Rick Jacques and Matěj Menšík in 2021.

Technika Brno managed to finilize a contract with two top coaches in Rick Jacques and Matěj Menšík. Their goal will be to rebuild A and U18 teams, as well as to create a team concept throughout all the age categories. The team the new coaching team will help them to create the best possible conditions to develop the players and coaches.

Rick Jacques is more than a sufficient assurance of quality for the development of Technika Brno. With 26 years of experience as a baseball trainer and MLB scout for Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds, 5 years as the main coach of Czech national team, and 8 years training three differenct teams in Extraliga, there can be little doubt of his qualities.

Matěj Menšík, as one of the best baseball players in Czech Republic, also has experience with teaching and sharing his knowledge with young players. Menšík took part in MLB European Academ three times, he won the Extraliga title in 2011, and became the best batter in European U21 Championship in 2012.

Technika Brno gives the coaching duo their full support, and they will hope to create a fully functional and efficient system for player and trainer development, which will help them to return back to Extraliga.

The team will also be improving their home stadium, with outter right field being extended by approximately 8 meters. They plan to build the lighting system around the ground as well. The reconstruction is currently scheduled after the finish of 2021 season.

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