Will we see new Opening weekend records in Extraliga?

Saturday games saw plenty of hits so it is possible we will see few records being broken tomorrow.

Number of hits

The record in number of hits from 2012, currently held by Charles Hugo Magedanz is close to being broken. Magedanz, playing for Technika Brno at the time, had 9 H against Olympia Blansko. Two years later, the record was almost equaled by Jake Rabinowitz, who had 8 H during the Opening weekend. This year, there are several candidates who have 7 H so far, namely Arnošt Dubový from Draci and Ryan Johnson from Třebíč. Close behind them, with 6 H is AJ Cipolla. Although he is few hits behind, Petr Čech also has a chance to reach the milestone as he now has 5 H.


Counting from 2007, there were only three cases when players reached 3 HR during the Opening weekend. Matěj Hejma from Eagles managed to do it two times (2017, 2018) and Benjamin Salzmann once (2016). This year, there are four players who already have 3 HR with one game to go – Ryan Johnson, AJ Cipolla, Michael Vykoukal and Marek Minařík. Thanks to this, there’s a good chance we will see a new record for the historic tables.


There are two pitchers, who share the first place in number of SO during the Opening weekend, with 16 each. First, it was Jake Rabinowitz in 2014 who needed two games. In the first, he threw Complete Game with 11 SO, and a day later, against the same opponent, he added 5 more in 4 innings after he entered the game in the ninth inning. The game was played until 12th inning and Tempo won 14-13. He could repeat this performance with a slight change, as he entered the game on Saturday as a reliver and threw 2 SO in 2.2 IP. He could add more on Sunday.

Second player to throw 16 SO during the first weekend was Brammer Dylan Michael. This great pitcher, playing for Skokani Olomouc at the time was able to finish the entire game against Arrows and helped Olomouc to 4-2 win.

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