EXL: Arrows couldn’t beat Draci on their sixth attempt

The last game of the second round in TOP 6 was played on Wednesday in Ostrava, when Arrows hosted Draci. Ostrava was once again unable to beat Brno team.

Despite the result, the score didn’t look promising for Draci for a long time. They had to wait till the fourth inning to get their first hit against Boris Bokaj, which came from the bat of Milan Prokop.

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Furthermore, Ostrava was the first to score, after Martin Šmoldas manufactured the first run for Jakub Kubica. Brno starter Gillian Wernet didn't allow more to the home team.

Draci were able to tie the game in the seventh inning after hits from Arnošt Dubový and Filip Moštěk. Ostrava fans got to experience an exciting finish when the ninth inning started with score 2-2. But they had to leave disappointed after the last out, as Draci came through. First Eugene Helder got his team the lead with a solo homerun, for Arnošt Dubový to get his second RBI of the game a few moments later. Martin Schneider closed the game on the mound, helped with two strikeouts.

Draci now have 5 wins after 6 games in TOP 6, the same as Tempo Praha. On the other hand, Arrows is currently 2-4, with only Třebíč, who is yet to win a game, behind them. Ostrava will face Třebíč next, while Draci will play against Eagles Praha.

 123456789 RHE
DRACI Brno 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 47 0
ARROWS Ostrava 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 211 0
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