First League’s TOP 6 knows its participants. Blansko and Kladno will battle in Demotion League

Fans had to wait till the very last game of the regular season to know the final standings of First League. Newcomers from Kladno battled to get to TOP6 but in the end they came just short.

We knew 5 of the 6 teams which would take part in TOP6 before the weekend started. SaBaT Praha finished first, after they won 9 games. Hippos Brno and Technika Brno finished behind them with 8 wins, followed by Skokani Olomouc, Klasik Frýdek-Místek and Blesk Jablonec, all with 7 wins.

But the newcomers from Miners Kladno could hope to get their shot on being in TOP6 till the very last game. In the first game of the doubleheader, which they didn’t start too bad, they beat Jablonec 9-4. However, Blesk had Jan Novák ready on the mound for the second game, and he kept Kladno in check with 12 SO which helped his team to 12-2 win, keeping Miners outside of TOP6 gates.

Olympia Blansko will also play Demotion League along with Kladno, as they finished with 4 wins. They will play with Plzeň, Bučovice, and Choceň for their spot in the First League next year. Since there are 5 teams in the league, First League will extend by 2 teams in the next year and first 4 out of 5 in Demotion League will play it next year.

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