U12 EC: Czechs won bronze medals after beating Italy

The revenge is done. Czech U12 national team beat Italy in the bronze medal game and returned a favor from the previous year. Czechs can now celebrate their bronze medals.

Marián Krásny team entered the game in the best possible manner, when leadoff Štěpán Švec blasted a solo homerun. The second one came from the bat of Matthias Lichem in the second inning.

Lichem also had a great game on the mound, when he threw 4 scoreless innings. On the other hand, Czechs scored 6 runs in the 3rd inning, building a decisive lead. An inning later they added 3 runs.

The rain came down before the bottom half of the 5th inning and the game had to be paused. After a short break Czechs kept the reins of the game and won 11-0.

This is 25th medal for the Czech Republic from U12 EC and their sixth bronze medal.

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