EXL: Třebíč wants a foreign coach

The Czech baseball Extraliga 2020 season finished only recently, but teams are already looking towards the next year. And Třebíč is looking for foreigners to boost their ranks.

American Stephan Swagerty was supposed to join the team from Vysočin region in previous season, however, due to the pandemic situation, ČBA decided to play Extraliga without international players, unless they were registered for a long-term stay in the country beforehand. This way, Třebíč Nuclears lost thier coach, with Jan Urbánek taking the place instead. Urbánek confirmed in the interview for iDnes (Czech only) that the post will be taken by a foreign coach.

“We want to talk to foreign trainers. There’s one currently in the Czech Republic and we are talking to him,” said Urbánek for iDnes. “We don’t want to give out more information for now. We should know whether he will join us or not in two weeks.” If Nuclears succeed, they won’t be the only team to have foreign coach. Hroši Brno already announced that their Extraliga team will be led by Alexander Derhak.

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