EXL: Barto and Jarvis change clubs

Duo of foreign pitchers Jeffrey Barto and Jason Jarvis will once again be part of Czech baseball. They will, however, change their clubs.

Thirty one year old Barto will move to Vysočina after three seasons in Hroši. Next season he should be part of Třebíč club. Barto played 42 games in 2016-2018 with 2.94 ERA in the regular season. He also had 208 SO in 187 IP. In 2018, he managed to reach 0.55 ERA in the regular season marking his best season so far. Additionally, he also posted 1.4 BB/9.

Jason Jarvis returns to Draci Brno, the club where he played in 2016, in the season where Draci won the title. Jarvis returned to Extraliga in 2019 to play for Eagles Praha. He showed his quality in the capital as well, when he became one of the reasons Eagles reached the playoffs. Jarvis played 20 games in the regular season, in his career, with ERA 2.80. As a batter, he also helped his team with .254 BA. Jarvis should play an important role in Draci’s CEB cup campaign.

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