EXL: Draci signed player with the most HRs in 2020 Austrian league

After the departure of Petr Čech to Arrows Ostrava (even though it is not finalize yet – author) Draci found themselves in need of an experienced catcher. They found him in Austrian Bundesliga, where American Michael Varga played last year.

Varga played for Attnang Athletic, where he scored 9 HR in regular season, making him #1 in homeruns scored. Furthermore, Varga had .365 BA and .500 OBP. He played five more games in the playoffs, but his team finished the season in the semifinals. In 2018 and 2019 Varga played in Australia and Belgium.

Beside the obvious baseball qualities, he also brings coaching experience, as he was also training junior teams before. Varga can play as a catcher, or any other position in the field. If you’d like to know more about the player, you can visit his page www.michaelvargainternationalcoaching.com where he presents several training videos and his blog.


2019MSG Phoenix16601422816189631.367.443.833
2019Team USA26ØØØØØØØ2ØØ.000.000.000
2019-2020Wembley Magpies28781221714158164Ø.269.367.538
2020 (Reg. + Post Season + Upper Austria ChampionshipAttnang Athletics248534325Ø113918113Ø.376.500.823
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