EXL: Jan Novák signed with Hluboká

Hluboká nad Vltavou, a newcomer to Czech Extraliga, announced a new signing in Czech national pitcher Jan Novák.

Novák will join his teammate from Kotlářka Martin Mužík who signed with Hluboká earlier this year. Unlike Mužík, Novák spent his entire Extraliga career in Prague. In 2014 and 2015 he played in America, where he joined Baltimore Orioles organization. With 28.2 IP and 3.77 ERA, there was hope we could one day see him fight for the MLB spot. In the end, Novák decided to return to the Czech Republic.

Right after his return, he became one of the most prominent players for Kotlářka, helping his team to win the only Extraliga title in 2015. Two years later, he got his first no-hitter in Extraliga, when he completely halted Blansko’s batters. His second no-hitter came last year against Tempo Praha. He became one of the best pitcher in the league last season, with WHIP 0.692 being the best in the league.

Place in 2020NameWHIP
1.Novák Jan (KOT)0.692
2.Chroust Radim (DRA)0.830
3.Satoria Ondřej (ARR)0.833
4.Duffek Tomáš (EAG)0.978
5.Ercoli Lukáš (KOT)1.061
zdroj: baseball-stat.cz

With 26.0 IP, Novák striked out 46 batters, achieving almost 2Ks per inning and 17.0 K/9. Daniel Padyšák, Novák’s teammate in Kotlářka was second with 12.9 K/9.

Place in K/9 – 2020NameK/9
1.Novák Jan (KOT)17.0
2.Padyšák Daniel (KOT)12.9
3.Satoria Ondřej (ARR)10.3
4.Bokaj Boris (ARR)10.2
5.Chroust Radim (DRA)9.6
zdroj: baseball-stat.cz

The new trade rules, saw the newcomer team pay a rather hefty fee for the pitcher. According to ČBA, Hluboká should pay 120 000 CZK for the player (approx. 4 600 Euros). The last year’s stats, however, show the team will be getting an elite pitcher.

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