EXL: Experienced Richard Sázavský moves to Třebíč

In Richard Sázavský, Třebíč Nuclears got themselves an experienced international outfielder.

Sázavský moves to Vysočina from Technika Brno, where he played from the beginning of his career, with a short break in 2015 and 2016 seasons, when he moved to Hroši Brno. His first game in Extraliga came in 2010 and it only took him a year to win the title for the Brno team. He consider this along with 5th place at U-21 World Championship in 2014 and Talent of the Year award in 2011 as his greatest baseball achievements. We asked Richard a few questions at the end of the winter training.


What should be your main role in Nuclears?
I want to help the team to reach the play-offs, but this should be the main goal for all of us.

Do you think Třebíč has potential to reach play-offs?
Yes, but we need to work hard.

You already know most of your teammates, what do you think are the strong and weak points of the team?
We are a young team, so there’s plenty to learn still and plenty to improve in. This is also a great advantage. When I got to the trainings I had an impression that the guys want to work hard and they want to win. That is a good beginning for a successful season.

What could impact the season negatively?
Due to Covid, this season will be really fast, so it is important to prepare not only physically, but also mentally. I am slightly worried we could be impacted by few bad games.

Do you have a personal connection to Třebíč?
Few years ago we celebrated U-21 European Championship title at Na Hvězdě, so I am hoping this season will also be on the winning side and there will be something to celebrate at the end of it.

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