EXL: Jablonec announced new player

The Extraliga newcomer announced two foreigners before the start of the season. Unfortunately, due to the visa issue, Philippines international Paulo Macasaet still couldn’t play for them. The team from northern Bohemia was forced to look for a new player to bolster their pitching in meantime. And the found him in American A.J. Fell.

Only few days ago Fell played for Spring Hill University. He played nine games for them this season, with ERA 7.48. This was a significant drop when compared to 2020, where he had ERA 2.48 in six games. In his university career, Fell had 3 complete game shutouts.

This year was the last in which Fell was eligible to play in NCAA and his contract with Jablonec will see him play his first games at senior level. Jablonec hopes that he will bring at least as much as James Smiley to the team.

2018Spring HillNCAA318.22113130.24531280162161.989
2019Spring HillNCAA314.76166039.25124213112741.563
2020Spring HillNCAA312.4866032.21999072710.796
2021Spring HillNCAA037.4896127.2412623393061.807
Source: Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table

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