EXL: Player of the Week awards go to foreign players in Week 4

The fans voted for their Players of the Week once again. For the first time in the season, both awards were won by foreign players.

Arrows Tyler Smith won Player of the Week award with 66% of the votes after he entered the Czech baseball in style. In three games he earned 6 hits from 8 AB. He also added 5 BB and 6 RBI. Additionally, he was able to turn his first AB to a homerun.

The name that won Pitcher of the Week also doesn’t come as a surprise. Luis Rengel, playing for Blansko, earned 25 SO in three days as Olympia played Třebíč, which earned him the record in Extraliga. This was one of the reasons he earned 72% of the votes.

Award winners

WeekPlayer of the WeekTeamPitcher of the WeekTeam
1.Ryan JohnsonTřebíč NuclearsJan NovákSokol Hluboká
2.Matěj MenšíkArrows OstravaRyan JohnsonTřebíč Nuclears
3.Phillip SteeringTempo PrahaJan NovákSokol Hluboká
4.Tyler SmithArrows OstravaLuis RengelOlympia Blansko
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