First league: Bučovice surprised Technika. Skokani scored 30 runs

There were 6 games played in the First League over the weekend. Home and away teams split three wins each.

Wolf Domažlice – SaBaT Praha 1-11, 2-14
Domažlice welcomed former Extraliga team SaBaT Praha. The favorite from Prague won both games as expected. In the first game, away Michal Kříž scored two homeruns, adding 6 RBI for SaBaT. In the second game, Prague team scored 14 runs and so they returned home with two wins.

Skokani Olomouc – Hippos Brno 18-5, 12-7
The doubleheader between Skokani and Hroši “B” saw plenty of runs being scored. There were a lot of familiar names on both sides. In the first game, Olomouc relayed on Marek Vykoukal, who threw 6 innings allowing 5 runs. Second game was leveled for a long time, when both starters only allowed two runs in five innings. Skokani went ahead in the second half of the game, as they had wider bullpen. Martin Schneider and Jakub Voják helped Olomouc to 12-7 win.

Technika Brno – Pelikans Bučovice 11-8, 7-9
Technika doesn’t hide its ambition to return to Extraliga as soon as possible. However, the double header against Bučovice showed that five time champion will have their work cut out for them. In the first game Technika took a narrow win, but the second one didn’t go their way. Even as Bučovice scored in the first inning, Technika was able to take the lead 7-5 after seven innings. Unfortunately for them, the bottom of the eighth inning didn’t go Technika’s way and Bučovice were able to grab the lead again with 4 runs. Ondřej Králík controlled the rest of the game and so Bučovice took a surprising win from Brno.

First League standings

  W  L  %  GB  BA  OBP  ERA  Score
Klasik Frýdek-Místek2 01.000.4270.5424.8538 : 10
Skokani Olomouc2 01.000.4300.5164.530 : 12
SaBaT Praha31.750.2910.4026.3839 : 22
Pelikans Bučovice22.5001.3330.4336.6236 : 32
Technika Brno22.5001.3630.4487.7139 : 36
Hippos Brno13.2502.2820.34712.6631 : 51
Wolfs Domažlice 04.0003.2030.31414.6413 : 63
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