Luis Rengel is part of Extraliga history

Venezuelan pitcher Luis Villarroel Rengel had incredible performance last week, when he pitched two games in three days and he threw 10 innings.

Rengel was a starting pitcher on Thursday when Olympia played Třebíč, where he pitched 5 innings, with 13 SO. Two days later he entered the game and threw two more outs than on Thursday. And there could be more were he not sent off in 13th inning. Before that he earned 12 SO. And it was 25 K in three days and more than one game that is a performance never before seen in Extraliga based on our research (since 2008).

Record in numbers of SO per game is held by Dylan Brammer, who threw 22 SO in 2017 when Skokani played Blansko. He need 9 innings and 143 pitches. Venezuelan needed 211 pitches to throw 25 SO last week, but he also did it in course of three days. There were rumours that similar games were seen in 90s, however, the official statistics from that time are not available.

Most K in EXL game since 2016

1.BRAMMER Dylan (SKO)22@ BLA – 12.7.17
2.BRAMMER Dylan (SKO)19vs. TEM – 18.6.17
3.RIVERA Joe (TECH)17@ BLA – 18.5.18
JARVIS Jason (DRA)17@ HRO – 18.6.16
*game statistics may be incomplete! Source: baseball-stat.cz

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