Bundesliga: Tomek with another win. Pejchal added third homerun

Only two Czechs played in German Bundesliga previous week. But both left their mark.

Jan Tomek started in the first game of the series against Mainz Athletics. He threw 6 innings, allowing 3 runs, but only one was earned. He kept his precision, having no BB and 7 SO. Regensburg won 13-3, and Tomek improved his record to 3-1.

Kamil Pejchal split his playtime between pitching and batting. First, he threw 4 innings in the first game against München-Haar Disciples. This start didn’t go well for him, however, as he allowed 13 hits and 9 runs. His team lost the game 2-15. In the second game, Hawks did much better, and Pejchal himself scored a two run homerun, increasing the lead to 4-0. Tübingen won 5-2, adding seventh win on the season.

Bundesliga South standings

1Regensburg *213.875 0
2Heidenheim213.875 0
7Tübingen *717.29214
8Ulm 024.00021
* team with Czech players
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