EXL: Jan Homolka 10th player with at least 600 hits

The wait is over. Experienced batter playing for Eagles Praha, Jan Homolka, became 10th player in the history of Czech Extraliga who earned at least 600 hits in his career.

Thirty-four year old reached the milestone on 5th of June in the game between Třebíč and Eagles. However, his hit came in the sixth inning, which ended prematurely and so the stats had to be reverted. Unfortunately, there’s no iScore available from the game, however, you can watch it on Nuclears YouTube. Jan Homolka earned the 600th hit with a runner on third base and the hit itself also meant an RBI and ninth Eagles run. The game was interrupted moments later due to rain.

Current king of the hit statistics is Aleš Navrátil from Arrows, who is not far from reaching 1100 hits milestone. Second is Pavel Budský who is close to 1000 hits.

1.Navrátil Aleš (ARR)1091
2.Budský Pavel (DRA)998
3.Malík Jakub (ARR)854
4.Střítecký Martin (TECH)780
5.Hajtmar Jakub (DRA)774
6.Veselý Martin (DRA) *674
7.Kočí Michal (TECH) *658
8.Schneider Martin (DRA)641
9.Čech Petr (ARR)618
10.Homolka Jan (EAG)600
* inactive players
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