EXL: John Hussey won’t play for Hroši this year

Australian John Hussey playing for Hroši Brno won’t pitch for his team this year, due to an injury. Club confirmed the information on their Instagram profile.

Thirty-four year old Hussey only threw three innings this season, in the game against Blansko on 11th of April. Since then, baseball fans were waiting for him in vain. And they will have to wait for a bit longer. Unfortunately, Hroši could use an experienced starter for TOP 6 games and Hussey showed in past that he had a good form in postseason, as he never had ERA worse than 2.71. Last year, he had WHIP only 0.931 in 24.2 IP, only allowing 3 runs.

Hroši will have Jakub Ondráček and Dan Ondroušek available, both of which are returning after an injury. Ondroušek returns to the lineup after two months.

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