EXL: Lineup of the Month announced

Another month is finished and we, in collaboration with Czech Baseball Association, bring you the Lineup of the Month. The choice in May was much more difficult compared to the previous month as the difference between players in certain positions was much smaller.

Ironically, there is no Draci player in the lineup, despite Brno team finishing second in the regular season. All that says, however, is that Draci have a very balanced team. There are four players from Arrows Ostrava. Jakub Kubica was also in consideration for the third baseman. In the end, young Jan Pospíšil was picked instead, as he had similar numbers at bat as Kubica, however, he made one less error.

On the other hand, it was easy to pick pitcher, as May was once against dominated by Jan Novák. Matěj Satoria takes the reliever spot, allowing only 3 run in 11.2 IP.

Tyler Smith from Ostrava became the best batter with .484 BA and .612 OBP in seven games. There’s little surprise he finished first in WAR between batters, despite playing his first game on 30th of April.

C – Philip Steering, Tempo
1B – Mário Gottschall, Blesk
2B – Radim Novotný, Arrows
3B – Jan Pospíšil, Hroši
SS – Tyler Smith, Arrows
LF – Michal Ondráček, Hroši
CF – Matěj Hejma, Eagles
RF – Marek Minařík, Tempo
DH – Petr Čech, Arrows
P – Jan Novák, Sokol
RP – Matěj Satoria, Arrows

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