Marek Chlup plays for Holly Springs Salamanders

Czech player Marek Chlup will not return to his homeland with the end of spring college baseball season. Instead, he is part of Holly Springs Salamanders and in his first games he already looked promising.

Team Holly Springs Salamanders played summer college Coastal Plain League at the east coast. The league is currently popular thanks to Savannah Bananas team, who, beside baseball, also offer their fans a huge show. We wrote about them in magazine Triple Play.

Marek Chlup played for Salamanders on Saturday against Florence RedWolves. In the eight inning he contributed to five runs with a double and a run. Thanks to this Salamanders came back from 2-4 to 7-4.

A day later, Salamanders played against Wilsom Tobs. Chlup added one of the two runs his team scored. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough and Salamanders lost 2-5. Chlup’s run came after he first had a triple.

Regular season in Coastal Plain League ends on the last day of July and Marek Chlup will have plenty of opportunities to show off in front of Holly Springs fans.

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Ján Jabrocký

Czech and Slovak baseball journalist.

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