PBW: Spain Decena won Homerun Derby

Traditional Prague Baseball Week event, Homerun Derby, happened this year as well.

Five teams, excluding Slovakia and Sweden, sent one of their players to showcase their power. U18 Michal Zelenka started the event, but he was unable to get any of the balls behind the fence. Ribert Decena from Spain was doing much better, getting 3 HR and taking the virtual lead. Martin Zelenka, who followed him, was unable to get in front of the Spaniard, when he only sent one ball behind the fence. Martin Kalábek, representing Czech U23 team, also didn’t get a homerun. We had to wait for International Stars representative in Ryan Johnson to see someone challenge Decena. Johnson also had 3 HR and hence they both advanced to the finals.

Spaniard started in the finale. This team, he had 2 HR, but Ryan Johnson after him also had two and so we saw extra attempts. In them Decena blasted 3 HR, while Johnson was “only” able to get two, making Decena the winner of PBW Homerun Derby 2021.

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