EXL U21: Boris Večerka with a no-hitter against Draci

U21 Extraliga saw a great pitching performance from Hroši starter. Boris Večerka didn’t allow any run to the city rivals, Draci.

Boris Večerka stepped on the mound against Draci and for the second time Draci couldn’t score against him. In May, Večerka helped Hroši to 3-0 win, when he only allowed 3 hits in six innings. On Sunday he got even better when he didn’t allow any hits in 10-0 win and once again shut out his opponent. Draci only reached base three times with walks. Since U21 Extraliga games are played for 7 innings, the game finished early after five innings. Since we only mark no-hitters that took at least 7 innings, this one didn’t make it. Večerka nevertheless threw an awesome game.

Boris Večerka continued with his excellent performance in U21 Extraliga, where he threw 29 innings and currently has ERA 1.55 and 57 SO. Batters only average .089 against him. Večerka also played for Hroši senior team, where he threw 7 innings, with ERA 5.14 and 11 SO.

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