FCq: Apollo entered the tournament with a loss against Hungarian champion

Federation Cups qualification started on Wednesday for Apollo Bratislava. Their first game was against Hungarian team Budapest Red Wolves.

Bratislava players started the game well, when they loaded the bases in the first inning. Matej Rudohradský was then walked for the first run of the game. However, their opponent didn’t give up and responded with 6 runs in the following half inning.

Offensive minded baseball continued in the following innings, when Apollo scored 6 runs in the third inning. Unfortunately Budapest responded with 3 runs of their own, taking the 9-8 lead.

This meant the end for Adam Zacko, who Apollo substituted with Jaroslav Kosna. Matej Rudohradský continued with good performance when his hit in the bottom of the fifth inning meant the game was tied. However, the score didn’t remain for long. Hungarian team added another run in the following inning, taking the lead again.

While Apollo got a runner in a scoring position in the following half inning, they were unable to score. Quiet the opposite, after their seventh error, Budapest scored two more runs.

Bratislava sent Martin Gieci on the mound in the eight inning. He hit first two batter with a pitch, but in the end was able to wrap up the inning without a run. Apollo was scored one run, however, but left 3 runners on the bases.

Juraj Bartók also didn’t allow any runs in the ninth inning, but Apollo was unable to get the two runs they needed to tie the game. The game finished 10-12 for Budapest. This was the second win for the Hungarian team, who are currently the first in the table. Bratislava will need to play better on Thursday when they face Lithuanian Kaunas.

 Budapest 0 6 0 3 0 1 2 0 0 12 13 0 12
 Apollo Bratislava 1 1 6 0 1 0 0 1 0 10 14 8 20
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