Eagles Praha and Vladimír Chlup part ways

The end of the season brought a change on a position, which was taken for a long time. Eagles Praha manager Vladimír Chlup parted ways with the club. Eagles announced this on their web pages.

Vladimír Chlup was Eagles’ head coach for 8 years, winning 4 Extraliga medals. He brought Eagles to the finals in 2019, when Prague beat Draci Brno in Wild Card game. Furthermore, Eagles were always at least 4th in the past 8 years. They also won Czech Baseball Cup in 2016.

“The decision to part ways wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, we are convinced this change is necessary to put the club on a path to future success. We wish Vladimír all the best,” said GM Jan Drábek for the club pages.

It is not known who will lead Prague Extraliga team in the next season. “Our main goal is to put together the coaching stuff as soon as possible, to give the team a clear vision for the upcoming season. We believe we have a great culture and along with it high goals which we want to start working on,” said Eagles captain Petr Zýma for the club.

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