EXL: Confirmed! Lukáš Ercoli returns to Kotlářka Praha

The return of the lost son. Prague clube confirmed pitcher Lukáš Ercoli will wear Kotlářka jersey in the upcoming season.

The national team pitcher plays in Extraliga since 2013. Most of his career was connected with Kotlářka where he played exclusively until 2021. He also won the only club’s Extraliga title in 2015. His best season for Prague’s team was in 2020 where he finished with ERA 2.61, 76 IP and 57 SO.

After Kotlářka got demoted to the First League, Ercoli went on loan to Hroši Brno. He became a menace to Extraliga batters in his first season, when he had ERA 2.29 in 98.1 IP and also added 104 SO. He helped Hroši to the finals where they lost to the city rival Draci Brno. He then became a part of the successful national team, which qualified to World Baseball Classic in Regensburg. He also played in the main tournament in Japan this year. However, his second season with Hroši wasn’t as successful, when he had the worst ERA in his career (6.38). He will want to restart his performance from the better days in Kotlářka.

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