Czechs finished 8th at Baseball5 European Championship

Baseball5 European Championship was played in Lithuania this week. Czechs also participated, improving their final standings by 4 plays from 2020.

The team consisted of Jan Cacák, Karolína Dvořáková, Pavel Jozek Jr., Max Lukeš, Kateřina Maříková, Vojtěch Šabacký and Lenka Tóthová and it started the tournament with a loss against Belgium. They then beat Estonia and Moldavia to lose against Italy and the hosts from Lithuania. With 2-3 record Czechs finished 4th in Group B and were sent to the placement round.

There they had a much better results, as they beat Finland, Latvia, and Romania. They only lost against Bulgaria and in the end took 8th spot.

After three years France faced Lithuania in the finals. This time it were the hosts who managed to win and grab the gold medals. Both teams earned their spot at World Cup.

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