Třebíč will host U23 2025 European Championship

WBSC Europe announced the hosts for the upcoming European tournaments on Friday. Czech fans can look forward to U23 European Championship in 2025, which will be played Na Hvězdě in Třebíč.

Třebíč was one of the locations where senior European Championship was played this year. Czech national team will get to play on a familiar field in a goal to improve their sixth spot from the previous championship in Austria.

There are several tournaments played in the following year. U12 teams will meet in Paderborn and U18 team will travel to Regensburg between 8th and 14th of July. Czech fans will this have a short travel to watch their country.

The hosts for European club competitions are yet to be announced. While WBSC mentioned European Cup in the article, its calendar mentions European Baseball Super League and Final Four. Nevertheless, the information about the competition should be published soon.

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