EXL: Matěj Menšík will continue playing for Hroši in the next season

National team player Matěj Menšík will continue for Hroši Brno in the upcoming season. The same as in the 2023, Technika and Hroši agreed on the loan.

Technika Brno wasn’t able to keep themselves in Extraliga and will play in First League in 2024. It was thus clear Matěj Menšík will want to remain in the top league. Since he already played for Hroši in the past, the loan was a logical choice.

Thirty one year old Menšík played 16 seasons in Extraliga, three of which he played for Hroši. In 2021 he played for Arrows, but in the 2023 he played the Regular season for Technika, who didn’t have their own field available and thus had to play away. That could be a reason why they didn’t get to Top 6. Menšík earned BA .270 with 2 HR for Technika. He then moved to Hroši on loan for the rest of the season, where he had BA .301 and 4 HR.

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