ČBA announced schedule for 2024 Extraliga

Roughly three months before the start of the new Extraliga season, we got to see the league’s schedule. It might still see some changes being made, but we now know the season starts on 12th of April.

Opening Day should feature three games. After a two year hiatus Kotlářka returns to Extraliga and it will play its first game in Ostrava. Reigning champions will host Třebíč Nuclears and Hluboká welcomes Eagles Praha. Hroši and Tempo will play their first game on Saturday.

The first weekend will have two game series, but the second round will increase the load and have three game series instead.

Remake of the final series between Tempo and Draci will take place at the end of May.

First League schedule revealed, too

First League scheduled was revealed, as well. It will start a week before Extraliga with Miners Kladno playing their first game after the promotion when they travel to Frýdek-Místek. The second series will be played between Olympia and Blesk. Hippos will welcome Skokani and the entertaining series should be played between SaBaT and former Extraliga team Technika Brno.

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