EXL: American Alec Lemmon returns to Hluboká

American Alec Lemmon will add fourth season in row in Czech Extraliga. According to the social network pages of Baseball Jobs Overseas project, he signed a contract with Sokol Hluboká.

Twenty seven year old left handed pitcher came to southern Bohemia in the previous season after playing two seasons for Arrows Ostrava, with whom he won the title in 2022. He wasn’t as dominant in 2023 and finished with 55 IP, ERA 5.07. However, he improved his personal Extraliga record in strikeouts, with 90.

He was also ranked #1 in K/9 ranking above the excellent Jhenderon Hurtado from Draci Brno.

K/9 – 2023NameK/9
1.LEMMON Alec (HLU)14.7
2.HURTADO Jhenderson (DRA)13.1
3.JAIME MOJICA Juan Jose (DRA)12.3
4.GILBERTSON Matthew (HRO)10.5
5.DURAN Jhonny (TEM)10.2
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