EXL: Confirmed! Martin Červenka joins Hroši Brno

Rumors about where Martin Červenka will play in the upcoming season turned out to be true. He will switch the team and join Hroši Brno. The club confirmed this information on their social pages.

Červenka will play in his third team after returning to Extraliga in 2022. After Eagles and Tempo in Prague, he will wear one of Brno teams jersey for the first time in his career. Signing of the national team player can be a huge momentum shift and it certainly increases Hroši’s chances for the title.

Červenka dominated the two seasons he played in Extraliga, where he had 35 HR, and every season his BA got above 42%. But even this wasn’t enough for him to win the title. Nevertheless, he was part of Kotlářka Praha team which won Extraliga in 2015.

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