U18 team won against Australia and Japan and will play in the semifinals

Great news arrived from Porto Rico. U18 Czech national team managed to win both of their games and advance to the semifinals, where they face IMG Academy from USA.

After two sunny days the weather in Porto Rico deteriorated, which affected the remaining two games of the Czech team. Games against Australia and Japan needed to be stretched into two days. In the end the games went better for Petr Čech’s team.

Czechs started well against Australia, as they were 3-0 ahead after 2 innings. Unfortunately their momentum was halted by a rain delay and the game had to be finished on Wednesday. In the end, after a dramatic finish, it was the Czech Republic who came on top and won 8-7.

Thanks to this Czechs new that were they to beat Japan, they would advance to the semifinals. And U18 team was able to handle this game better, as they won 9-4. This game also needed to stretch among two days. Czechs were leading 8-4 by the first day and they kept the lead, adding additional run till the end. This was also the first game Japan lost, which meant they finished in the third place.

Czechs finished second in the group stage, and they will play the semifinals at 21:00 CET against the American selection, who are yet to lose on the tournament.

Group A Table

  1. Porto Rico 3-1
  2. Czech Republic 3-1
  3. Japan 3-1
  4. Mexico 1-3
  5. Australia 0-4
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