EXL: Arrows Ostrava signed Gottschall and Mánek

Extraliga team Arrows Ostrava announced two new signings. Duo Mário Gottschall, and Jakub Mánek comes on loan from Technika Brno, who were demoted to First League.

Slovak national team player Mário Gottschall isn’t in Arrows for the first time, since he already played for the team in the previous season. He didn’t have a good regular season, finishing with BA .122 in 13 games, which was the worst year of his Extraliga career. In comparison, his best season was in 2021 where he played in Jablonec and finished with BA .357. Gottschall improved his stats in Promotion League, finishing with BA .400 and OBP .473. Since he still holds Slovak passport, he will be the third foreigner for Arrows this season.

While Gottschall had his worst season in Extraliga, Jakub Mánek was the polar opposite. He finished with his best batting average to date (.303) and he also improved in the ratio between strikeouts and at bats. Twenty five year old player finished Promotion League with BA .321, however, even his good performance wasn’t enough to help Technika to stay in Extraliga. Mánek will play for the third team in his career, as he started in Hroši Brno.

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