EXL: Třebíč is the first. Drama in Jundrov went better for Eagles

There were four more games played in Extraliga on Sunday.

After losing on Saturday, Draci took a comfortable win at home on Sunday. It was directed by Arnošt Dubový, who blasted two homeruns in a game at his home stadium for the first time in his career. Jan Vašourek then didn’t allow Arrows to gain any momentum for five innings and beside pitching scoreless innings, he also had 6 strikeouts. Fans also got to see Jhenderson Hurtado for the first time this season, who added two perfect innings with four strikeouts. Draci didn’t need more, since they increased their lead to 10-0 in the seventh inning and the game finished on the mercy rule. Reigning champions won another series and they are slowly climbing up in the standings.

Eagles beat Hroši in extra innings

Fans got to see a pitching duel between two Japanese pitchers for the first time in history in Brno district Jundrov. Hroši started their new acquisition Toru Murata. Eagles decided to send in Natsuki Tamba. Both players pitched well and the game was tied at 2-2 after five innings. Hroši pressed Tamba in the sixth inning and they forced him out of the game. They then scored five runs and built a substantial lead.

However, Eagles also made use of the pitching change and they took the lead with eight runs of their own. Visitors were one out from winning in the ninth inning, but Hroši loaded the bases for Vítězslav Nový to clear them and tie the game at 10-10.

The ninth inning didn’t decide the winner, as both teams scored a run. Eagles then added two runs in the eleventh inning and they put pressure on the home bats. Hroši weren’t able to put the runs on board against Herrera when two of their batters left the box with a strikeout and Eagles won 13-11.

Třebíč didn’t allow drama

The first two games between Nuclears and Sokol always brought late changes in the lead. However, Třebíč didn’t allow any drama in the third game, when they scored 4 runs in the first inning. Lukáš Hlouch then had a solid day on the mound and he only allowed one hit in six innings to Hluboká. Home team also outhit visitors and they kept increasing their lead in the rest of the game, finishing with 9 runs scored. Hluboká first scored in the seventh inning, thanks to a solo homerun from Martin Mužík. This, naturally, wasn’t enough to get the south Bohemians the win and with the fifth loss in the season, they are currently at the bottom of the standings. On the other hand, Třebíč is the first with five wins and currently holds #1 spot.

Kotlářka’s comeback

The second game of the Prague derby between Tempo and Kotlářka started better for the team wearing white and blue. Tempo was leading 4-0 after 4 innings also thanks to a two run homerun from Elvys Castro. Ali Ascanio had a good game on the mound as he only allowed the first run to Kotlářka in the 5th inning.

The hosts started their comeback after his substitution and a few innings later Kotlářka was leading. Wesley Roemer was a key player for the visitors, as he had 3 hits and 8 SO on the mound as a reliever in 5 innings. Kotlářka managed to come back from behind and win 7-5.

Both teams now have record 2-4 and are tied for the sixth place.

EXL Standings

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