First League: Klasik on the top after two rounds. Technika in the middle of the table

The second best Czech baseball league first two rounds are over and the look at the top of the table is rather surprising. Frýdek-Místek leads the league and is yet to lose. SaBaT and Skokani are on the opposite site of the table.

Klasik started the season well, as they were able to win all four of their games. In the first round they beat the newcomers from Kladno two times, for them to play two close games against SaBaT Praha. Frýdek-Místek was helped by two things. They had home ground advantage in all four games to start the season and, with exception of the first game against SaBaT, all of their pitcher threw excellent games. Team from northern Moravia also improved one of their weak points from the previous years, as they are currently the second in batting average.

We have two wins and we are satisfied. There were quiet a few errors, so there are also negative moments. Today we were let down mainly by the infield who did a lot of cheap errors. So we have to learn from it and we have to work on it so it doesn’t happen again. All four pitcher were phenomenal and they kept us in the game. So we are satisfied,” said Klasik coach Jakub Kaplan after the game against SaBaT.

Skokani at the wrong end of the table

Skokani found themselves on the opposite side of the table, after they only won one of the four games to start the season. The win came in their fourth game, when they beat Jablonec 8-4 at home, but they currently struggle in the offense, but also with their pitching. They are at the bottom of the league in both of these categories. “We let the opponent to get the large lead in two innings in the first game, unfortunately, when they scored four runs in each inning and it was difficult to catch up with them. In the second game we had a better outing. What is good is our performance at bat when compared to the previous weekend, pitchers also put on a good display. We have something to work with for the future games,” said Skokani’s Michal Kohout for the club page.

Technika has trouble in field

Technika Brno played in Extraliga in the previous year, but they only won two out of the four games this season. The biggest weak point of Brno team seems to be their defense, which produced staggering 25 errors in 4 games. Almost twice as much as the team below them in the statistic charts (Blansko – 13). If the team from Kraví Hora can improve, it is likely they will rise in the standings as their pitching currently has the best ERA in the league.

Kladno shows they are contenders

A great news is the performance of the newcomers from Miners Kladno. While the only have one win, when it comes to their game, the young team unter Petr Baroch has nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to the base aggressiveness, there is no better team in the league then them. Miners stole 33 bases and are currently the best team in the league by far in this activity. For example Skokani only have 3 stolen bases after four games.

We remind you that First League is played with the system of a short regular season, where each team plays another one only twice. Teams are then divided to TOP6, which will compete for two spots to Extraliga Promotion League. The remaining teams will play First League Promotion group with the teams interested in competing in First League in the following season.


  W  L  %  GB  BA  Skóre 
Klasik Frýdek-Místek401.000037 : 26
Hippos Brno31.7501045 : 23
Olympia Blansko22.5002031 : 30
Blesk Jablonec22.5002031 : 31
Technika Brno22.5002031 : 34
SaBaT Praha13.2503037 : 37
Miners Kladno13.2503027 : 39
Skokani Olomouc13.2503019 : 38
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