EXL: Martin Pernička with 7 RBI and 2 HR

The game between Draci and Tempo on Sunday saw an excellent performance from Martin Pernička, who was one of the key players in Draci 14-11 win in the first game of the doubleheader.

Pernička started as the 8th batter, but ended up the most dangerous of them all. He batted in half of his team runs thanks to 3H and 2BB.

But the game didn’t start well for Draci. They got an early 1-0 lead after a wild pitch, but Tempo then scored 4 of their own. Pernička started his ride in the čth inning, when he batted in the second run for Brno with a double.

A great moment for the batter came in the 4th inning, when Pernička blasted a grand slam and suddenly Draci were leading 6-5.

Tempo was able to react to this and tied the game in the seventh inning, but then a bunch of interesting things happened. Draci first built a lead thanks to a three run homerun from Arnošt Dubový and a two run homerun from Michal Šindelka, only for Tempo to score 4 runs in the bottom half of the inning.

However, Pernička blasted a 2 run homerun in the ninth inning to increase Draci lead to 13-10. Both teams scored a run each afterwards and the game finished with a win for the reigning champions.

Pernička wasn’t part of the roster from the beginning of the season due to his injury and he only returned in the first game of Champions Cup. He played 5 games in Extraliga so far and currently has BA .500, and OBP .692.

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