EXL: Nuclears found a way to beat Draci again

Třebíč Nuclears hosted Draci Brno on Thursday’s televised game. Team from Vysočina didn’t have a good streak before the game, where they only won 1 out of 5 previous games. But hosts showed they knew how to play against Draci this year and beat them for the third time this season.

Třebíč could rely on their pitchers. Starter Lukáš Hlouch only allowed 1 run in 5.1 IP. When he was pressured in the sixth inning, Cameron Liss came in to calm the situation and he finished the game without allowing any runs.

Jhenderson Hurtado on Draci mound also had a good game as he added another quality start. However, not even his 11 SO in 7 innings didn’t help the visitors to the win. Ryan Johnson batted in the the first Nuclears run in the fourth inning and was then sent home thanks to Jan Bilíček. Nuclears then increased their lead to 3-0 in the fifth inning after a inaccurate throw from Martin Pernička.

The only run from Draci came after a triple from Michal Šindelka in the sixth inning, but it was all about the hosts afterwards. They scored one more time in the eighth inning when Tomáš Hrbek threw for Draci.

Třebíč is currently without a loss against Draci this season. The series will now move to YD Arena and Draci get their chance to win a game in the series.

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