EXL: The new signing for Hroši will be a part of Extraliga All Star roster

Leader of Extraliga strengthened their roster with a new pitcher. Through brought in an experienced Mexican player Ivan German Guzman Zavala.

Thirty seven year old pitcher spent his entire career in Mexico. Since his start in 2009 he threw 811.2 innings in various Mexican leagues, with ERA 4.42 and 492 strikeouts. His previous team was Monterrey in Mexican winter league, where he played more as a reliever. In 21.1 IP he had ERA 2.11 and 16 SO.

In order to comply with the rules, Zavala had to play for Hroši in the previous week. That’s why we got to see him against Arrows for an out in the left field. He was immediately substituted. Fans can, however, look forward to seeing the experienced pitcher on Saturday, in All Star Game, where he was picked by Extraliga coaches.

Mexican will join a number of foreigners on the roster. As far as Czechs go, we will, for example, see David Křeček, who has a chance for the Rookie of the Year award with his performances.

EXL roster:
Willie De La Barcena 🇺🇸 (Eagles)
Elvys Castro 🇻🇪 (Tempo)
Šimon Drápela 🇨🇿 (Tempo)
David Fiala 🇨🇿 (Hroši)
Austin Hassani 🇬🇧 (Sokol)
Ryan Johnson 🇨🇦 (Nuclears)
David Křeček 🇨🇿 (Kotlářka)
Cameron Liss 🇺🇸 (Nuclears)
Matěj Menšík 🇨🇿 (Hroši)
Toru Murata 🇯🇵 (Hroši)
Keibert Petit 🇻🇪 (Kotlářka)
Wesley Roemer 🇺🇸 (Kotlářka)
Filip Sorota 🇵🇱 (Nuclears)
Natsuki Tamba 🇯🇵 (Eagles)
Koya Uemura 🇯🇵 (Eagles)
Jakub Winkler 🇨🇿 (Draci)
Ivan Zavala 🇲🇽 (Hroši)
Michal Zelenka 🇨🇿 (Tempo)

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