Czech national team will play first game against Spain

Starting on Monday, Czech national team will play four games against Spain, with the last game being played on Thursday. All the games will be played at Tenerife, at the park with artificial grass. First three games will start at 16:00 (17:00 CET). Thursday game will start at 11:00 (12:00 CET).

Czech players arrived at Tenerife on Friday, 13th November, they spent the weekend training. For a lot of players these were the first team trainings after a longer period of time, since the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic restricts the training opportunities. According to the head coach Hynek Čapka, the training pause was not visible. [trans.] “Players looked better than I expected, so I’m satisfied. The weather is nice, which is naturally better than in the Czech Republic,” said Čapka for baseball.cz.

Spain will have advantage of the game pace, since their league finished last weekend. It is not know whether the players nominated for the games against Czechs played the league games, however, since based on the original schedule, the Spanish players were supposed to be at the national team training camp entire month.

It is currently also unknown whether Spanish baseball association provide live streams from the games. We encourage you to follow social networks of ČBA and Milujeme Baseball, where we will share the links to streams, or play-by-play, when available.

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