Will Jablonec get to TOP 6? History is clear

Czech baseball league is played with 10 teams since 2017. First six of these teams play TOP 6 and get a shot at winning the title. But was there ever someone who went 1-8 at the beginning of the season and still made TOP 6?

Blesk Jablonec plays their first season in Extraliga this year. In the last four seasons there were 7 teams, who had the same record after nine games and none of them were able to get to TOP 6. If they are to move up in the table, Jablonec will need to step up. It is difficult to predict how many wins would be enough for TOP 6, but in 2018 season (where there were 27 games played, similar to 2019) Tempo Praha got through with 9-18 record. A year later, 10 wins were not enough for either Třebíč or Blansko.

When looking at current standings, we can see that both Tempo and Kotlářka are out of TOP 6 with 3-6 record. But it was Tempo, who managed to show in the past that even with such record, it is possible to fight for the title. However, teams at the top of the table can’t relax either. In 2018 Nuclears started the season 6-3, but they ended up playing in the Promotion league in the end. A year ago, 7 wins in 9 games wasn’t enough for Technika Brno, who was later that year demoted to First League. However, there was 9 more games played in the regrular season that year.

Nevertheless, this season is different. Due to the decrease in the number of team next season, each of the current Extraliga clubs feels more pressure and its likely that some of them will strengthen their team during the season. There are already talks of new foreigners who could play. There are also several teams, who have players in USA. It is fair to say that the standings can be affected in any moment due to Covid pandemic, as was the case in Blansko. Any absence, small injuries, or dip in form can be the deciding factor. What else can fans hope for.

EXL Standings (27.4.2021)

  W  L  %  GB  BA  ERA  FA  Score
Cardion Hroši Brno72.778.27853.72.96165:42
Eagles Praha63.6671.26694.91.94161:48
Sokol Hluboká63.6671.24231.33.96433:34
Draci Brno42.6671.5.28061.38.97131:13
Arrows Ostrava42.6671.5.32545.76.92957:40
Třebíč Nuclears54.5562.29015.35.95772:53
Tempo Praha36.3334.22152.52.94340:34
Kotlářka Praha36.3334.21615.62.93735:62
Olympia Blansko03.0004.22686.38.87214:30
Blesk Jablonec18.1116.17678.63.94528:80
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