Daniel Padyšák played in NECBL for the first time and earned Save

Czech baseball player Daniel Padyšák played his first game in New England Collegiate Baseball League for Valley Blue Sox. And it was a rather successful debut.

Blue Sox played the second game of the season on Friday against Mystic Schooners. They managed to build a five run lead in the first inning, however, Schooners were able to slowly get back in the game eventually coming only one run apart from their opponents. Czech was sent to the game in the eight inning and his job was clear. Save the game. He was able to do so as he only allowed one hit in two innings and had one BB. Thanks to this Blue Sox won 6-5 and have their first win of the season. Daniel Padyšák earned his first save in NECBL.

  Padysak, D2.0100120.00
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