ME U15: Czechia won European Championship U15!

Final game of European Championship U15 had to decide on the field who win the gold medal. Unfortunatelly weather was against baseball and game finished in fifth innning with 4-4 score.

Czech team entered into finals better when in bottom of first innign Jan Kozel batted in one runner. French team seek their way till third inning. But it was big inning from them. After several hits and one error by czech deffense the scored four runs.

In bottom of inning Czech team retake momentum on their side. They was able to load bases and Pavel Jozek smashed 2RBI single. One inning later the game was tied. Czech entered into inning with leadoff triple by Vojtěch Ventruba and he scored after sacrifice fly by Jaroslav Moravec.

And it was last full inning of the game. In fifth came heavy storm and in few minutes the field in Brno was soaked by water. After one hour long rain delay CEB informed that game won’t be resumed. Due to better results in tournament and 19-3 win in group stage Czech republic was declared is european champions. Silver medal goes to France and bronze to Netherlands.

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Ján Jabrocký

Czech and Slovak baseball journalist.

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