EXL: Boris Bokaj the third player in history to reach 900 strikeouts

Playing manager of reigning Extraliga champions Boris Bokaj reached 900 SO milestone on Wednesday. He is only the third player in Extraliga history to do so.

Bokaj only pitched one inning in the game against Draci, after he substituted starter Matěj Satoria. When he stepped on the mound he was only 1 SO from 900. But this quickly changed after the first batter he faced, Filip Moštěk, left the batting box with a strikeout. The same went for Martin Schneider who followed next.

As far as the active players go, Bokaj is currently in the first place in Extraliga. There are only two players ahead of him, Leoš Kubát and Petr Minařík, but both already finished their careers. Minařík is currently the only Extraliga player ever to throw more than 1000 SO. Tomáš Duffek from Eagles Praha, who is still active, is currently 46 strikeouts behind Bokaj.

1.Minařík Petr (DRA)1 092
2.Kubát Leoš (HRO)931
3.Bokaj Boris (ARR)901
4.Duffek Tomáš (EAG)855
5.Rabinowitz Jake (TEM)759
source: baseball-stat.cz
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