PBW: Czech youngsters beat The North Baseball

The Prospects team played their first game at Prague Baseball Week before the national team. And they played against a selection of young Canadians.

Czechs started the game well, when they scored three runs in the bottom of the first inning, after hits from Michal Šindelka and Jakub Winkler. Furthermore, Ondřej Vank started well on the mound, when he kept his opponents scoreless for two innings. Canadian team scored for the first time in the third inning, after Jacob Thompson scored a two run homerun.

Czechs were able to respond in the following half inning, where they, also thanks to the opponent’s errors, scored two more runs. But Czech defense also wasn’t perfect, one of which brought a run in the fourth inning.

The following half inning once again belonged to Czech team, especially to Michal Šindelka. He earned 3 RBI with his second hit of the game, after he blasted the ball behind the fence.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Czechs got a chance to wrap up the game early, when they loaded the bases with one out while leading 10-4. Canada managed to get out of the pickle by a double play. They then tried to decrease the deficit, but weren’t too successful. On the other hand Czechs increased their lead in the eight inning. In the end, it was the Prospect team that took 13-5 win.

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