Bronze medal! U18 team beat Canada 8-1

U18 national team played a game for the third place on Friday in Porto Rico where they faced Canada.

The opponent had a better start to the game, when Michael Senay gifted a base to the first batter and then, also thanks to a successful steal, he reached the home base and scored the first run of the game. Jaroslav Moravec earned a hit in the bottom half of the inning and then moved to the third base after an unsuccessful pickoff attempt. Unfortunately, his teammates were unable to send him home.

The second inning was prefect for Senay, when he striked out the side. He then also handled the situation with two runners in the scoring position an inning later.

Bottom of the third inning saw Czechs score for the first time, when Jaroslav Moravec batted in a runner with his second hit of the game. A moment later Czechs took the lead after Jozek’s hit and Canada changed their pitcher. Petr Čech’s team was able to take advantage of the new pitcher and they loaded the bases. Matyáš Novotný’s hit then cleared them.

Czechs scored more runs in the bottom half of the fourth inning. First, Benjamin O’Rourke, then David Křeček added 2 RBI triple.

Coaches made a substitution on the mound in the fifth inning and Vít Staněk came in. Czech starter only allowed 1 R and had 7 SO in four innings. Staněk continued with the performance when he added 3 SO in the next two innings. Ondřej Vostatek then finished the game without allowing any runners on bases.

Czech beat Canaca 8-1 and took the bronze medal, when the only lost to the both finalists.

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