MLB: Adam Macko played his first game for Toronto Blue Jays

Slovak baseball player for Canadian Toronto Blue Jays finally got his chance. He played his first game for MLB team against New York Yankees during the Spring Training on Saturday.

Left-hander Slovak got a honor to start on the mound as a part of MLB Spring Breakout, where only the brightest talents for each organization play. And the young pitcher quickly found out what it means after he faced his first batter George Lombard Jr. whom Yankees picked in the latest MLB draft in the first round. Lombard won the battle in the end, and after a successful hit he reached the first base. Spencer Jones, who was picked in the first round a year earlier, then came on and he sent Macko’s pitch behind the fence for a two run homerun.

The next two New York batters were able to reach the base and trainer Blue Jays came to talk to his pitcher. This seem to help Macko, who managed to get the next two batters out. Furthermore, Roderick Arias left the box with a strikeout. But this was all Adam Macko got to show, since he was then substituted.

Adam Macko became the first Slovak-born player to done MLB team jersey since legendary Elmer Valo. Macko is furthermore the first Slovak to start to play baseball in Slovakia and to reach MLB Spring Training. The left-hander is currently a part of 40-man Blue Jays roster, but we can expect him to start the season in the minors.

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